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Dear Friends,

We are asking for your support in our Gift of Sight Trust Charity Golf Day on 05 December 2019.  If you are able to assist us, we need sponsors and items for the auction.

In a society where 80% of blindness in the world is avoidable, I, Marinda de Vos could have become just another statistic. Was it not for Dr Johann Krüger, leading Ophthalmologist and humanitarian.

I left for India on tourism road show in Jan 2013. Only to wake up in January 2014, with no sight in my right eye and 20% partial sight in my left eye. These two events were not as unrelated as you would imagine. As a Type 1 diabetic, I contracted TB in India. Raging untreated for 10 months took its toll and one month after I started using the TB medication, I had a massive haemorrhage behind my eyes, that tore the Retina and blood seeped into the vitreous white gel of my eyes and left me instantly blind. A side effect of Diabetes and TB medication.

A full year I searched for an Ophthalmologist willing to treat me, even though I had no Medical Aid.  Tygerberg Hospital told me to “Go home.  Nothing we can do for you.”

Through the grace of God I found Dr Krüger and now I have 50% vision in my right eye and 95% in my left.

Dr Krüger operates on more than 10 people just like me, free of charge, every year as part of the Right to Sight campaign.  He would like to do so throughout the year and not only during the month of October. The reason we started the Gift of Sight Trust together.

I would like to appeal to you to work together with Dr Krüger and myself, to eliminate avoidable blindness and give the #GiftofSight.

We have our 5th Gift of Sight Charity Golf Day on 05 December at the King David Golf Course in Mowbray.

We can only achieve our goals with your help.

If you are a private individual or a company, there are many ways to support the work of the Gift of Sight Trust.  Without your sponsorship, gifts and donations, we would not be able to extend the hand of opportunity and work together to eliminate avoidable blindness.

The Gift of Sight Trust is a registered entity and all funds donated are audited by the registered auditor.
How can you give the #GiftofSight?

  1. Book or Sponsor a Fourball for the Charity Golf Day at R2,800
  2. Sponsor a hole for R2,000 and earn the right to offer food or beverage at the hole
  3. Brand the Halfway House, Registration Table or Dinner Function for R2,000
  4. Donate a Prize to the Fourball winners
  5. Donate items or vouchers to be auctioned
  6. Make a Donation of your own value
  7. Sponsor Goodie Bags to be distributed to players before the start of the game
  8. Provide Entertainment for the Charity Golf Day

Thank you for extending a hand of help and making a difference.

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